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Hello there! I'm Lauren, 17 years old and from England. This is a theater blog, although it's technically 99.9% Les Mis. E/R is a ship that owns my soul. I write things from time to time and you can find these things on my AO3 account in the links below. Feel free to drop a message in my ask anytime!

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when you’re so in love with a character you literally squeal and curl into a ball when they make an appearance.

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seriously though I mean I know Brickjolras was a little shit like 99% of the time but come on

I can’t imagine that he’d be all for forcing people with uteri to be incubators for a fetus they don’t want and stripping them of their right to control their own body

in fact that seems like a very unEnjolras thing to do


if you never change icons/urls then i automatically love u

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